ivAxekind One of the strife specibi available in the Overseer Project. There are currently 118 weapons available.

Base Items


Abstratus: axekind

Code: pWAl3mwS

Cost: 4 Build Grist

Strength: 7

Description: Made for chopping wood for use in furnaces. No, not THAT kind of wood. Although it certainly could be used for that...

Woodcutting Axe

Abstratus: axekind

Code: 2MlwP0A?

Cost: 6 Build Grist

Strength: 4

Description: A very small and simple hand-axe, designed for use in a wilderness survival situation. Doubles as a fairly respectable weapon.

Alchemized Items

Aperture Science Handheld Hewing Device

Abstratus: axekind

Code: JW0D0GAG

Cost: 12 Copper, 12 Cobalt

Strength: 16

Assail bonus: 6 

Description: The intra-dimensional slices of this hyper-technical axe can carve portals into nearly any surface, including imp carapace. Whatever you do, though, don't touch the ball of energy on the end. Trust me on this one.

Death to Flora

Abstratus: scythekind, axekind
Code: 00b2002k

Cost: 15 Build, 20 Jet

Strength: 18

Aggrieve bonus: 3 

Description: With one scythe blade and one axe blade, this weapon is capable of effectively reaping nearly every form of plant life, from crops to trees. Now, if only they had souls...


Abstratus: axekind, spearkind

Code: 0K92H0As

Cost: 50 Copper, 45 Jet

Strength: 20


Description: It's a simple woodcutting axe with a spear sticking out of its hilt for double the stabbing!

Dragon Axe

Abstratus: axekind

Code: RUIwPOE!

Cost: 10 Blood, 15 Garnet

Strength: 21

Description: The natural power and strength of the Dragons is now in your hands, their energy channels through the axe you now hold! ...Okay maybe that was a little overdramatic, but its still a pretty good axe.

Lumberjack's Little Helper
Code: Z00D1WwS

Cost: 28 Build, 24 Tar

Abstratus: axekind, chainsawkind
Strength: 24
Aggrieve bonus: 2 
Aggress bonus: 1 
Assail bonus: 2 
Accuse penalty: -2 
Abjure penalty: -1 
Abstain penalty: -3 
Description: You've got this little hatchet, right? Except now the blade is motorized and also part saw. Just imagine that your enemies are some very unfortunate trees and LET 'ER RIP.

Candy Corn Battleaxe

Abstratus: Axekind
Code: 2Mem000a

Cost: 30 Build, 5 Frosting, 20 Rock Candy

Strength: 25
Assault bonus: 1 
Description: Straight from the mind of the Pickle Inspector.

Daedric War Axe
Abstratus: axekind
Code: xuF!3z?T

Cost: 33 Blood, 33 Jet, 33 Rust

Strength: 28
Description: A war axe of ebony and the blood of daedra, often wielded by those native to the planes of Oblivion- or those who slay them.

Bad-Axe Vampire Bass

Abstratus: axekind, stringskind

Code: 223I0024

Cost: 100 Build , 40 Blood, 10 Garnet

Strength: 35

Description: Passed down from generations of Nightosphere creatures, this instrumental axe is an exact copy of that used by Marceline the Vampire Queen.


Code: xZUlxnx?

Cost: 2000 Build, 2000 Copper, 200 Titanium

Abstratus: axekind

Strength: 65

Assault bonus: 30 

Abjure penalty: -30 

Abstain penalty: -60 

Description: Forget that sissy hatchet stuff, this is an axe made for the battlefield. Chop heads, not wood!

Chain Axe

Abstratus: chainsawkind, axekind

Code: 2G48H0A?

Cost: 400 Blood, 400 Tar

Strength: 76
Agress bonus: 2
Assail bonus: 4

Assault bonus:  6

Accuse penalty: -1
Abjure penalty: -3
Abstain penalty: -5

Description: Good at cutting through bone, EXCEPTIONAL at cutting through wood!

Adroit Lacerator

Code: 3SS83W1c

Cost: 1500 Blood, 150 Sapphire, 1500 Jet, 1500 Tar

Abstratus: axekind

Strength: 90

Abuse bonus: 6 

Accuse bonus: 2 

Description: There is no escape. No, literally, we stole it for our twisted experiments. The result is an axe that makes your enemies wish they could abscond. Unfortunately, there is no commands for Imps.

Shell Shock

Abstratus: shotgunkind, axekind

Code: 3W852W8S

Cost: 1000 Gold, 4500 Jet, 5000 Sulfur

Strength: 125

Assault bonus:  15

Abuse penalty: -1
Accuse penalty: - 10
Abjure penalty: -20
Abstain penalty: -30

Description: With the head of an axe and the body of a shot gun you can really wade through a sea of your enemies with ease! You're definitely not over compensating with this weapon!

Explos the Mighty
Code: g3kcPg0T

Cost: 5000 Build, 9500 Amber, 5000 Rust, 5000 Topaz

Abstratus: explosivekind, axekind, riflekind
Strength: 266
Assail bonus: 2 
Assault bonus: 10 
Description: The fabled Axe of legend, capable of slicing through the thickest of hide and blowing up the farthest of meat puppets. It's like an Axe and a Sniper Rifle got married in a Bomb Shelter.

Stone Cold Keyaxe
Code: YHQVBTx4

Cost: 5000 Caulk, 40000 Jet, 10000 Obsidian, 30000 Tar, 2000 Titanium

Abstratus: keykind, axekind
Strength: 497
Description: Looks like you made your Keyaxe dark grey. And indestructible.


Type/abstratus: chainsawkind, axekind

Code: YYlzpvv!

Cost: 25000 Blood, 25000 Rust, 25000 Sulfur, 25000 Tar, 25000 Titanium

Strength: 1500

Aggrieve bonus: 50

Aggress bonus: 150

Assail bonus: 100

Assault bonus: 450

Abuse bonus: 500

Accuse bonus: 150

Abjure bonus: 100

Abstain bonus: 50

Description: A Chainaxe almost the height of a man, forged for the hands of a demigod. Its strength is mighty, but it exerts a strange power over y - KILL! MAIM! BURN!

Urnhold, Destroyer of Forests

Code: 2MlwzeB?

Cost: 25000 Blood, 100000 Obsidian, 50000 Titanium

Abstratus: axekind

Strength: 1984

Aggrieve bonus: 439 

Abuse bonus: 204 

Description: This legendary axe captures the essence of just devastating the ever-loving fuck out of some native foliage. The soul of every forest ever clear-cut resonates in this axe, ready to unleash its rage on your hapless enemies.

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