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An Aspect is the second half of a player's mythological role, which is assigned during Character Creation. The aspects determine what characteristics a player will be more proficient in.

In Homestuck, the omniscient workings of fate determine a player's aspect based on....something, probably, but in The Overseer Project, the player gets to choose it themselves. Determining what aspect fits your personality the best is an out-of-game process and isn't necessary to choose an aspect.

Effect In-Game: Aspect Patterns[]

Aspects allow the player to use Aspect Patterns, which are special powers slightly similar to Fraymotifs. Unlike Fraymotifs, the player can customize Aspect patterns, and they come automatically rather than costing boondollars.

On The Site[]

The form for creating Aspect Patterns is accessible under the Strife section of the interface.

As a player you have the possibility to create custom Aspect Patterns. You can choose the name, target and effect of these attacks. These patterns are nonpermanent and you can delete, use or create them as you wish.

You divide the bonuses an Aspect Pattern gives between six different possible effects on the battle:

  • Damage: This will cause the Pattern to deal health vial damage to the target upon use. No matter how high this is it won't drop the enemy below 1 health.
  • Power down: This will cause the Pattern to reduce the power level of the target upon use, which decreases their defense and offense.
  • Offense up: This will cause the Pattern to increase the attack power of the target upon use (do more damage per round).
  • Defense up: This will cause the Pattern to increase the defensive power of the target upon use (take less damage per round).
  • Healing: This will cause the Pattern to restore the health vial of the target upon use.
  • Cost reduction: See Aspect Vial

These bonuses are determined by percentage points. Because of this, the power is based on your echeladder height and the percentages determine how that power is divided. For example: If you put 100% in the Damage area, the attack will be a powerful blast. 50% in the damage and 50% in power reduction would cause a less-powerful attack but would also lower the target's offense to some extent.

Aspect Vial[]

The aspect vial is like your Health Vial. It increases by a percentage every time you complete an encounter for the self currently asleep. At default, with no percentage points in the Reducing Cost field, a pattern will consume your whole vial. Putting points in the Reducing Cost field will cause percentage decrease in vial cost. It is unknown as to the actual proportion of the decrease, but it is not linear (e.g. an investment of only 45% points may bring the cost down to only 10%) and depends on the specific aspect of the user. It is not however possible to reduce the cost of a pattern below 10% (20% in v1). This is copasetic with the concept of weaker attacks costing less, as making an attack cheaper uses up percentage points, and having fewer percentage points to spend on other effects makes the attack weaker.

Aspect-based bonuses[]

Each aspect is better suited for certain kinds of bonuses. A Void player might get better results from an Invulnerability attack than a Rage player.

Damage Power Reduction Offense Boosting Defense Boosting Power Boosting Healing Multitarget Cost Reduction
Time 140 100 100 50 4 0 150 75
Space 200 100 50 50 0 10 125 85
Void 50 175 50 175 1 0 100 200
Light 45 200 100 100 3 20 50 130
Mind 80 210 120 120 0 0 150 75
Heart 20 120 150 150 5 25 120 90
Rage 110 10 175 25 6 30 110 110
Hope 300 1 120 120 10 100 120 10
Doom 250 100 100 1 1 0 50 150
Life 20 80 50 200 2 200 50 100
Blood 120 100 100 100 1 50 150 120
Breath 175 50 175 50 60 25 175 75