The Overseer Wiki

A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project. 40 out of 61 Artkind items are known.

Base Items[]

Embroidery Hoop[]

"A hoop-shaped frame used to stretch fabric for cross-stitch and embroidery."

Code: CtwgAGs3

  • Strength: 1

Cost: 2 Build Grist.

Shared Specibi: Hoopkind



Description: This artisans' brush has been recently repurposed-it is now wonderfully suited for painting the walls with your enemies' blood. Assuming they have any, that is.

Code: LW8ESRG7

  • Strength 2

Cost: 3 Build Grist

Paint Palette

Paint Palette[]

Description: A wooden palette covered in stains of old paint.

Code: CHXdc9JI

  • Strength: 2

Cost: 3 Build Grist; 1 Iodine



Description: A wooden stand for holding in-progress paintings. Using it as a weapon is kind of unweildly, but it will do in a pinch.

Code: pNDUPXQq

  • Strength: 3
  • Assail: -1
  • Assault: -1
  • Accuse: +1
  • Abjure: 1

Cost: 3 Build Grist

Picture Frame[]

"A wooden frame for holding a painting, although it's empty now. It's also pretty sturdy: getting hit over the head with it would probably hurt quite a bit."

Code: ksJNW!Sv

  • Strength: 4
  • Accuse: +1

Cost: 6 Build Grist



"Felt tipped coloring device."

Code: eb5dCNV2

  • Strength: 6
  • Aggress: +1

Cost: 6 Build Grist


"A marble pedestal made for holding a bust or a small sculpture. It's heavy enough that you can barely lift it, but anything you manage to hit with it will be in for a world of hurt."

Code: ecIwYowf

  • Strength: 10
  • Agress: -1
  • Assail: -4
  • Assault: -7

Cost: 6 Marble.

Shared Specibi: Clubkind

Alchemized Items[]

Green Apple Popbrush[]

"It seems to splatter everything with a bright green paint that pops when it lands. Talk about pop art!"

Possible Formula: Pop rocks and paintbrush

Code: !ayETVuN

  • Strength: 0
  • Assail: +20

Cost: 50 Uranium

Multifunction Pen[]

"The Multifunction Pen has the long-lastingness and fluidity of a pen, plus the shading and erasability of a pencil."

Formula: Fountain Pen && Pencil

Code: KHd01gA0

  • Strength: 3
  • Aggrieve: +2

Cost: 10 Build Grist; 2 Jet; 2 Tar

Shared Specibi: Penkind

Blue Glowing Ghost Paintbrush[]

"It's kinda squishy! This is not a paintbrush used by ghosts, rather to paint them. Often as blobs. May contain adverse side effects; please do not consume, taste, touch, or otherwise allow contact with the wet end of this brush."

 Code: 1006SBG1

  •  Strength: 10 

Cost: 9 Cobalt; 9 Marble; 9 Star_Sapphire; 9 Tar

This item is capable of creating ghost images. You will use it to create a ghost image automatically if you encounter an item that you cannot captchalogue. Or, go to the SBURB Devices page to use it on an item in storage.

Compass Brush[]

Compass Brush

"For the amateur artist who can't seem to get those circles right. "

Formula: Paintbrush && Pair of compasses

Code: 1W82O200

  • Strength: 10

Cost: 3 Build Grist; 6 Amber

Metal Folding Easel[]

"An easel made of metal. A less capable artistic tool, a more capable offensive tool."

Code: pNDVRfQt

  • Strength: 10

Cost: 21 Rust.

Defensive Palette[]

"A large wooden shield splattered with paint and the blood of your enemies."

Formula: Palette && Shield

Code: 4HXd68II

  • Strength: 10
  • Abjure: +25
  • Abstain: +25

Cost: 150 Build Grist; 100 Blood; 200 Frosting

Shared Specibus: Shieldkind


This marker appears to be filled with lighter fluid. You could draw a flaming smily face on an imp's chest if you wanted, but it's kind of useless without a source of fire.

Formula: Marker || Lighter

Code: zbTtCt!3

  • Strength: 11
  • Aggrieve: 2

Cost: 17 Build Grist; 7 Amber

Dual Palette Knives[]

"Dual painting palette knives. Good for canvas painting and throat cutting!"

Code: 01004K00

  • Strength: 12

Cost: 45 Build Grist; 25 Chalk; 15 Gold; 10 Titanium

Shared Specibi: Knifekind

Homestuck Poetry[]

"Your eyes are an ocean. Your breasts, are also an ocean."

Code: S9vPKskL

  • Strength: 13

Cost: 4 Build Grist; 13 Topaz

Shared Specibi: Bookkind

Stylist's Best Friend[]

"Hair shears that dye highlights on the tips of your hair while they cut. Also dyes the tattered remains of your foes in hilarious colors."

Code: Tshk!R?l

  • Strength: 15

Cost: 8 Build Grist; 1 Amber; 1 Blood; 1 Frosting; 1 Iodine

Shared Specibi: Shearkind


"A cane in the shape of a paintbrush. Real Talk? It's a giant paintbrush."

Formula: Paintbrush && Walking Cane

Code: 5W8E0J02

  • Strength: 16
  • Assail: 2

Cost: 24 Build Grist; 18 Iodine

Shared Specibi: Canekind

Extra Sharp Black Drawing Pen[]

Extra Sharp Black Drawing Pen

A pen that is used to draw things with amazing detail. It can also be used to stab people with amazing detail.

Formula: Marker || Midnight Crew Poster

Code: ?bDdTVVd

  • Strength: 18
  • Aggrieve: +4

Cost: 20 Build Grist; 1 Obsidian; 5 Tar

Swiss Army Paintbrush[]

A convenient device that folds out into any kind of paintbrush you could desire. Every artist's dream come true!

Formula: Paintbrush || Swiss Army Knife

Code: LolEVxPN

  • Strength: 20
  • Assail: +3
  • Assault: +3

Cost: 35 Blood; 30 Tar

Psychic Paintbrush[]

"Predictions painted by this brush have an uncanny record for becoming true. Your foes had best hope you don't paint them ill fates..."

Code: tkB?UV?7

  • Strength: 20
  • Aggress: +4
  • Accuse: +4

Cost: 22 Iodine; 11 Jet

Giant Battlebrush[]

A paintbrush model larger with the brush part fashioned into a sharp spearhead. Kind of useless for painting, but all the better when it comes to poking."

Formula: Paintbrush && Spear

Code: 1082GQ06

  • Strength: 21
  • Aggress: +3

Cost: 40 Build Grist; 20 rust

Shared Specibi: Spearkind

The Felt Tip[]

A multicolored pool cue, with markers on either end. It's incredibly inconvenient to write with, and the tips aren't solid enough to shoot a pool ball, but at least it makes a decent weapon, which is why you alchemized it in the first place! Right...?

Formula: Pool Cue || Marker

Code: ?dr!DN!t

  • Strength: 22
  • Accuse: 1

Cost: 30 Build Grist; 25 Chalk

Shared Specibi: Cuekind

Candy Paintbrush[]

"A paintbrush with a handle of hard candy and bristles made out of spun sugar. if it wasn't for the gross bitterness of the paint you'd go through packs of these faster then a world record chain-smoker!"


Code: WQ2n5Bqe

  • Strength: 24

Cost: 26 Build Grist; 12 Rock Candy

Oversized Paintbrush[]

"From the artist who prefers to paint the world from a distance - literally and figuratively."

Formula: Staff || Paintbrush

Code: tZuVTVqN

  • Strength: 25

Cost: 46 Build Grist; 16 Marble

Shared Specibi: Staffkind

Multifunctional Paintbrush[]

"This is just an ordinary paintbrush, except for the fact that you don't have to deal with pesky paint pallettes anymore, any color you could ever imagine is already programmed in."

Formula: Paintbursh && Paint Palette

Code: 400649G2

  • Strength: 28

Cost: 40 Build Grist; 25 Topaz



"With this flaming paintbrush, your blazing passion for art really shows on the canvass! Especially since it sets it on fire. Hence, you know, the name."

Formula: N/A

Code: rs!!V!Vt

  • Strength: 28
  • Aggrieve: +3
  • Aggress: +4

Cost: 33 Build Grist; 22 Sunstone

Magic Marker[]

Magic Marker

"A magic marker, this one is actually magical instead of just fun to color with."

Formula: Marker && Basic Spellbook

Code: 8b1bCNR2

  • Strength: 30

Cost: 15 Build Grist; 26 Amber

Paintbrush of a Horse Attacking a Football Player

Paintbrush of a Horse Attacking a Football Player[]

"No matter in what manner you paint with this brush, it always seems to end up painting that majestic stallion aggrieving a champion of the gridiron."

Formula: Paintbrush || Painting of a Horse Attacking a Football Player

Code: TuPESVpV

  • Strength: 30
  • Aggrieve: +1

Cost: 250 Build Grist; 25 Chalk; 100 Mercury; 50 Shale

Pump Action Marker[]

"A modified marker that fires ink-soaked felt coloring nubs at your foes. This seems like a really strange concept to you, but you just decide to roll with it."

Formula: Marker && Shotgun

Code: 0b15C080

  • Strength: 32

Cost: 100 Build Grist; 10 Frosting; 200 Tar

Golden Picture Frame

Golden Picture Frame[]

"An overly ostentatious picture frame made out of solid gold. It's heavy enough that it could probably outright flatten some of the smaller Underlings."

Formula: Picture Frame || Gold Brick

Code: ksRNW!Vx

  • Strength: 40
  • Aggress: +2
  • Assail: -8
  • Assault:-2
  • Accuse: +4
  • Abjure: +4

Cost: 500 Build Grist; 500 Gold

Color Spword[]

"A deadly weapon that could bludgeon heads with the flat base of pan and slice your enemies in half with its sharp circular edges. All the while, brilliant bright colors mix with the blood, making the battle seem more of a work of art"

Formula: N/A

Code: 00004105

  • Strength: 44

Cost: 200 Build Grist, 150 Frosting, 100 Rock Candy

Shared Specibi: Pankind, Bladekind


"It looks like the skull mysterious grew a sort of ponytail brush. Figuring out how to paint with this would be a feat all in itself."

Possible Formula: Skull and Brush

Code: tZxVz!?N

  • Strength: 45

Cost: 600 Blood; 500 Chalk

Prospitan Tip of poking[]

"A golden cue stick with two sharp edged white markers on either side. It's far too sharp to actually use at a pool table, against your enemies is another thing entirely."

Possible Formula: felt tip and prospit globe

Code: G0KM1030

  • Strength: 90

Cost: 2000 build, 200 chalk, 1800 gold

Shared Specibi: cuekind

Shadowy Sludgebrush[]

"A long purple paintbrush with all the powers of pollution and contamination. Using this will secure you a top spot on Captain Planet's hitlist."

Formula: N/A

Code: nZuVHVq4

  • Strength: 120
  • Aggrieve: +30
  • Abuse: +15

Cost: 4,500 Amethyst; 2,000 Mercury; 5,000 Shale

Shared Specibi: Staffkind

All the Colors of the Wind[]

"Can you paint with them? If you're some settler taking over native land, probably not. Makes you rethink just what you're doing to these imps, huh?"

Formula: Paint Palette && Wind Waker

Code: 8GXdY9JI

  • Strength: 125
  • Accuse: +5
  • Abjure: +10
  • Abstain: +15

Cost: 1,000 Amber; 1,000 Amethyst; 1,000 Cobalt; 1,000 Frosting; 1,000 Uranium

Hard-Light Projector Tablet[]

"Draw anything on the tablet, and the projector will project a hard-light image of it for you to use! It doesn't seem to process details very well, though, so better stick to weapons that don't require inner mechanisms to function."

Formula: Drawing Tablet || Hard-light Holographic Projector

Code: wRQZ5!Fq

  • Strength: 155

Cost: 25,000 Build Grist; 11,000 Mercury; 14,000 Ruby

Picture Pitcher[]

"A gigantic, square slingshot big enough to fire entire picture frames and paintings. This'll put all those useless wall decorations to good use!"

Formula: Picture Frame || Chain Staff

Code: ktJNX!yz

  • Strength: 255
  • Aggrieve: +25
  • Aggress: +25
  • Abstain -25

Cost: 44,000 Build Grist; 11,000 Diamond; 22,000 Marble

Shared Specibi: Toykind

Fuego de Salvador[]

"The endless streams of colorful fire emitted by this stocky paintbrush are so hot, they could melt a clock!"

Formula: N/A (canvasscorch and ????)

Code: raTtCtV3

  • Strength: 310
  • Aggrieve: 44
  • Accuse: 11
  • Abjure: 22
  • Abstain: 33

Cost: 51104 Build Grist; 1931 Rainbow; 33333 Sunstone

Magic Paintbrush[]

This large paintbrush exudes a toxic red/yellow gunk that harms the environment just as much as it hurts your enemies.

  • Formula: N/A
  • Code: 1Z820Sa4
  • Strength: 508
  • Aggrieve: 15
  • Aggress: 10
  • Abstratus: Artkind
  • Cost: 80,000 Build Grist; 60,000 Amethyst, 10,000 Caulk; 30,000 Tar

Nature's Palette

Nature's Palette[]

It's a piece of bark slathered with sap of various colors. The sap gives it mystical NATURE powers. Seems like the kind of thing an elf artist might use.

Formula: N/A

Code: CG1dc9H2

  • Strength: 750
  • Assault: -75
  • Accuse: +75
  • Abjure: +75
  • Abstain: +75

Cost: 100,000 Build Grist; 150,000 Amber; 50,000 Blood; 75,000 Frosting; 10,000 Rainbow

Fiduspawn Marker[]

"At first it seemed to just be a Fiduspawn-themed marker, but drawing a Fiduspawn with it causes the image to come to life and fight by your side! Although, you should probably hope nobody prototyped with an eraser..."

Formula: N/A

Code: !lVt!V!d

  • Strength: 800

Cost: 180,000 Amber; 180,000 Blood; 80,000 Tar

Deathscythe Easel[]

"Scythe blades jut out of the ebony legs of this easel, making it awkward to wield and impractical to use. The haunting sound it emits when you touch it is just mocking you now."

Formula: N/A

Code: ZJ5UO1Qq

  • Strength: 916
  • Aggrieve: 19
  • Assault: 19
  • Accuse: 19

Cost: 180,000 Build Grist; 190,000 Chalk; 156,000 Jet; 10,000 Star_Sapphire

Dark Arts

Dark Arts[]

"Fluxuates with the dark energy of the Deep One. Also has a slim handle for easy maneuverability."

Formula: N/A

Code: LW82SBG7

  • Strength: 1,000

Cost: 16,960 Rainbow


Black-Magic Marker[]

A black marker imbued with shadow magic. I think it's permanent.

Code: kb9bSVRd

  • Strength: 1,500
  • Aggrieve: 50
  • Aggress: 50
  • Assail: 50
  • Assault: 50

Cost: 50,000 Jet; 50,000 Obsidian; 1 Rainbow; 150,000 Tar

Brush of Dark Matters[]

"Wielding this Paintbrush imbued by the dark power from beyond the farthest ring, you feel the tingle of space itself at your fingertips where you hold it, the paint on the tip warping space and matter around it incredibly."

Code: rkA!!VN!

  • Strength: 1,750

Cost: 146,000 Diamond; 98,000 Jet; 10,000 Obsidian; 5,000 Rainbow; 10,000 Star_Sapphire; 117,000 Tar

Defense Against the Dark Arts[]

"You may or may not have alchemized this just for the pun, but it turned out to be a fairly useful and powerful magic paintbrush/shield duo. Wield your pun with pride!"

Formula: Dark Arts && Defensive Palette

Code: 400248G2

  • Strength: 3,000
  • Abuse: 1,000
  • Acuse: 1,000
  • Abjure: 1,000
  • Abstain: 1,000

Cost: 400,000 Build Grist; 400,000 Jet; 100,000 Obsidian; 300,000 Tar

Shared Specibi: Shieldkind

A Marker of a Very High Degree[]

"An ominous marker with a sleek design that fires ink fueled flames of pain from it's tips. Handy for your next ash art endeavor."

Formula: Pump Action Marker || A Blaze of a Very High Degree

Code: Gb17C080

  • Strength: 9999
  • Aggrieve: +9999
  • Aggress: +9999
  • Assail: +9999
  • Assault: +9999
  • Abuse: +9999
  • Accuse: +9999
  • Abjure: +9999
  • Abstain: +9999

Cost: 20,000,000 Build Grist; 7,500,000 Caulk; 7,500,000 Jet; 5,000,000 Rainbow; 7,500,000 Sulfur; 7,500,000 Sunstone; 15,000,000 Tar

Shared Specibi: Flamethrowerkind.