One unit of artifact grist.

Artifact Grist, also simply nicknamed "Artifact," is a very unique grist type. Not to be confused with items made by human beings long ago, "Artifact" actually refers to "JPEG artifacts," the distortion an image undergoes by being saved as a .JPG or .JPEG file. Unlike most other types, excluding Build Grist, Artifact is not normally a tangible object, fictional or otherwise.

How to GetEdit

Unlike any other type of grist, Artifact cannot be obtained via strifing. Instead, it is acquired from alchemizing Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff-Tier Items, as they more often than not cost negative Artifact.


As mentioned above, Artifact Grist is more often gained from alchemizing instead of lost, so usually it's just a counter of sorts for how much SBaHJ-tier items you have alchemized. Sometimes, though, you may come across a SBaHJ-tier item which costs Artifact to create, meaning all the Artifact you have accumulated over time may actually be useful.

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