A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project. 14 out of 18 Aerosolkind items are known.

Base Items[edit | edit source]

Silly String[edit | edit source]

"Use this to cover your enemies in annoyingly sticky, yet colourful and festive string!"

  • Power: 1
  • Abuse: +3

Cost: 1 Build; 1 Frosting

Code: cPVF?zTI

Insecticide Spray Can[edit | edit source]

"On this can is a list of instructions. Spray away from face. Do not use near food, children, pets, or anything living. Anything you spray this with will die. Keep out of reach of idiots."

  • Power: 2

Cost: 2 Build, 2 Rust

Code: 0fF!r41D

Spray Paint[edit | edit source]

"Perfect for vandalizing walls and spraying some imps from head to toe with bright colored paint."

  • Power: 2

Cost: 3 Build

Code: 49F0qW40

Shared Specibi: Artkind

[edit | edit source]

Pepper Spray[edit | edit source]

Image by apocalypseGambit

"The best way to surprise strangers who come too close".

  • Power: 2
  • Abuse +2

Cost: 2 Build

Code: a9l1qW5m

Shared Specibi: Macekind

Alchemized Items[edit | edit source]

Bug Buster[edit | edit source]

"It seems to be an ordinary fly swatter with a can of bug spray strapped to the handle upside down. It comes with an instruction diagram and directions on the can. Flip the device, spray away from face. Flip device once more, strike with precision at paralyzed foe. Enemy Neutralized."

  • Power: 5
  • Aggrieve +2
  • Assault +2

Cost: 4 Build Grist; 4 Chalk; 6 Rust

Code: 09335401

Recipe: Insecticide Spray Can && Fly swatter

Shared Specibi: Flyswatterkind

Pepper Mace DELETED [edit | edit source]

"Not only a mace that you can fling around, but it also sprays a highly painful irritant that will confound enemies as well! Note: Don't hit yourself in the face with this."

  • Power: 10
  • Aggrieve +5
  • Aggress +5

Cost: 12 Build; 10 Amber; 10 Blood

Code: lF!HzeLu

Recipe: Pepper Spray || Medieval Mace

Shared Specibi: Macekind

Poison Perfume[edit | edit source]

"The sweet scent of flowers has been replaced by a horribly chemical stench of rat poison. This will probably be better on pesky underlings than on you."

  • Power: 17
  • Assail +3

Cost: 40 Jet; 26 Tar; 35 Uranium

Code: 21wWJ0WX

Shared Specibi: Beautykind

Acid Perfume[edit | edit source]

"Sadly, the smell of dissolving Underlings overpowers the nice cherry scent of the liquid inside."

  • Power: 17
  • Assail: +2
  • Assault: +4
  • Abstain: -3

Cost: 28 Build; 27 Uranium

Code: e824GWGa

Shared Specibi: Beautykind

Deadly Neurotoxin Spray[edit | edit source]

"Get ready, while I warm up the NEUROTOXIN emitters."

  • Power: 20

Cost: 10 Build, 5 Blood, 10 Mercury, 10 Tar, 1 Uranium

Code: thlTywFp

Recipe: Pepper Spray || Portal 2

Perfumegun[edit | edit source]

"Instead of shooting water, this squirtgun shoots perfume. Wonderful. You hear perfume can really burn the eyes, though."

  • Power: 20
  • Abuse: +3

Cost: 35 Amethyst

Code: 41081W0W

Recipe: Squirtgun && Bottle of Perfume

Shared Specibi: Pistolkind, Beautykind

Extra-Purple Poison Perfume[edit | edit source]

"A sweet-smelling perfume fused with fatal acid and the energy of a purple gem. If you had to pick a word to describe the scent of this perfume, it would be "purple."

  • Power: 56
  • Assail: +4
  • Assault: +8
  • Abstain: -6

Cost: 100 Build, 50 Amethyst, 10 Shale, 50 Uranium

Code: hl74!lUy

Shared Specibi: Beautykind

American Pump-Action Pepper Spray[edit | edit source]

"Taking care of protesters the only way you know how: the American way."

  • Power: 89

Cost: 513 Build Grist; 375 Mercury; 450 Sulfur

Code: W9h1qW1m

Shared Specibi: Shotgunkind

Pyroclastic Perfume[edit | edit source]

"Hidden inside this obsidian spraybottle with fiery ornamentation is the fire and ash of a pyroclastic flow. You shall spray such sweetly-scented woe upon your enemies!"

  • Power: 160
  • Assail +15
  • Assault +15
  • Abuse +15
  • Accuse +15

Cost: 15000 Build Grist; 3773 Obsidian; 3773 Sulfur

Code: x864IqPa

Shared Specibi: Beautykind

Body Spray Axe[edit | edit source]

"For ruining losers' lives while smelling super fresh for the ladies."

  • Power: 400
  • Aggress: +27
  • Abuse: +14

Cost: 50,000 Build Grist; 50,000 Blood; 50,000 Iodine; 12,000 Sulfur

Code: twU!!px?

Recipe: Hatchet || Deodorant

Shared Specibi: Axekind

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