The current list of achievements.

Achievements or Achievement Badges are (currently) cosmetic rewards for completing certain actions in-game. Achievements currently have no effect in the game besides showing up on a character's Profile, but you can still brag about them.

List of AchievementsEdit

Completion basedEdit

  • [S] Enter - Enter the medium.
  • Fraymothree In The Morning - Get the full set of your Aspect's Fraymotifs.
    • To get this achievement, you only need the first three main Fraymotifs, the dual Fraymotifs don't count for this.
  • Like Fucking Christmas Up In Here - Get fully equipped.
  • Sike, That's The Right Number - Reach rung 612 of the Echeladder.
  • Nonanonacontanonactanonaliagonal Ultimatum - Equip an Ultimate Weapon.

Combat basedEdit

  • You tried - Get KO'd.
  • Tentacle Therapist - Kill the Kraken.
  • Here Come The Arms - Kill the Hekatonchire.
  • Killer Queen - Kill the Lich Queen.
  • Princes Of The Incipisphere - Defeat a full set of the best your moon has to offer.
  • Screw The Choice - Defeat your Denizen.

Cooperation basedEdit

  • Game Bro - Assist a fellow player on a strife and win.
  • Doctor Remix - Heal a fellow player by using an Aspect Pattern.
  • Clientship Aneurysm - Build your client's house up to Gate 7.

Exploration basedEdit

  • Colours And Mayhem - Recycle a Perfectly Unique Object.
  • LODS OF BOONE - Spend one hundred Boonbucks on the Consort Shop.
    • The description has an error, you really get the achievement by buying something worth at least 100 Boonbucks from the Consort Shop. Buying two or more things that add up to 100 Boonbucks won't work.

Misc/Easter eggsEdit

  • Weekend At Player's - It's time to stop clicking.
    • This achievement is unlocked when you press "Waste Time" 150 times consecutively.
  • Black Liquid Sorrow - Visit the grave of a consort mercenary.
  • Act 1 Nostalgia - Fill your inventory.
  • Not Another Sword - Submit a non-QIC item and get it greenlit.
  • Not Another Sword Pic - Submit art for an item and get it approved.
  • Face The Bug - right click the menu where you select which dungeon to go to and click inspect element. then double click on the part that says "dungeonkind" and replace the value in <option value="gate1dungeon"> with "bug". go to the dungeon that you changed. Encountering The Bug will give you the achievement
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